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UX5000 Customer Loyalty HTML Pop-up Ad
About the Customer Loyalty HTML Pop-up Ad

NEC Corporation of America is pleased to announce the availability of the UX5000 Customer Loyalty HTML Pop-up Ad. This new marketing piece is ideal for email distribution to your customer list. It is intended to directly support our Loyalty Program and has been designed for you to send to prospective customers to help promote upgrade activity.

Simply download the file and follow the directions described below. The file is user-friendly and can be modified for entering your company contact information or any additional information you wish to change or include.

How to use UX5000 Customer Loyalty HTML Pop-up Ad

To use the HTML pop-up ad:

  1. Click here and save the file to your desktop.
  2. Use WinZip to extract the file ux5000_popup_ad4_9-08.html to your desktop.
  3. Using Microsoft Outlook, create a new email message and enter the recipients email address in the To: section of your email. Also include a title in your Subject line of the email.
  4. Insert file as text: (follow instructions carefully to insert file into body of email).
    • From the menu bar, click on Insert > File.
    • Locate your saved file.
    • Select the HTML file (click once to highlight it).
    • Click on the Insert button drop-down arrow, located in the window's lower right corner.
    • Select Insert as Text.
  5. Edit the text.
    • The HTML file has been inserted into the body of your email and you will be able to view the file and edit text if desired.
  6. Click Send.
Please note: Do not attempt to forward the html pop-up using any other procedure. Formatting and images will be lost.

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