Using 3rd Party Shared Services

The UX-Softphone includes the option to install certain 3rd party services that will be available for use by all UX-Softphone users. The 3rd party services will manage shared resources and provide communication facilities between user endpoints. The 3rd party shared services available in this product include:

Shared Directory and Contact List which provides a shared database that includes the company directory and external contact list that can be accessed by all users.


Centralized BLF Monitoring used to monitor the status of all stations on the system and updates will be provided by the 3rd party shared services to the individual clients.


Common Trunk Labeling provides a central storage for assigning labels to trunks.


Messaging to manage the delivery of messages and responses from attendant level users to end user desksets and to customize the set of predefined messages and responses on local PCs. The messaging operations that can be accomplished are as follows:


         Sending a Quick Message

         Sending a Phone Message

         Customizing Messages and Responses