Monitoring the BLF/DSS Keys

The NEC UX-Softphone provides on-screen BLF/DSS keys that provide the same functionality as the attendant add-on module. Each key represents one phone within the system and displays the current status of the phone. The indicator on a BLF key is grey when the telephone is idle and changes to green when the telephone is in use. The BLF image also indicates when the phone is in Do Not Disturb (Red) and Forwarded (Blue). A flashing green indicator represents a ringing call. Additionally, the key provides one-touch access for dialing or transferring calls.

The system administrator can also set up BLF Groups, which can be used to organize the extension list into groups of buttons. Each BLF Group is shown as a tab on the top of the BLF area on the main console screen. By selecting different tabs, the attendant is able to see the BLF’s that are assigned to that group.

Operations that can be performed using the BLF/DSS keys include the following: