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Using the MENU Button to Customize an IP Value 6-Button Terminal
IP Value
MENU lets you customize ring tones and other options.

The MENU Button on your UX5000 6-Button IP Value Terminal gives you quick access to a host of options that let you customize your terminal to work just the way you want.

To use the MENU Button:

  • While your terminal is idle, press MENU.
  • Use the Navigator to scroll through the options, your Soft Keys to make selections, and your Dial Pad to enter data.
    • You can also use your dial pad for a short cut key if you know the option number (shown to the left of the option name).

To use the Interactive MENU Button User Guide:

  • While your scroll through the MENU options on your terminal, roll your mouse over the same option in the interactive guide. The information box above the interactive buttons describes each option as you pass your mouse over it.
  • Certain options need guidance from your Communications Manager. These are clearly marked in the Interactive MENU Button User Guide.
Interactive MENU Button User Guide

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