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Customizing Your IP Terminal From Your PC Browser
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Logging Onto Your CTS or Enhanced IP Terminal

Your CTS or Enhanced IP Terminal has a built-in web server for setting up your user options. Using this feature is easy, just open your browser and type in your terminal's IP address.

To find out your terminal's IP address:

  1. While your terminal is idle, hold down your CHECK key for about 2 seconds.
  2. Dial 2 for System Information.
  3. Dial 1 for Network Settings.
  4. Press Down one time and make a record of the displayed IP Address setting.

To log onto your terminal:

  1. Type your terminal's IP address into your browser's address line.
  2. LoginWhen you see the screen at right, enter your User Name and Password.
    • The default User Name is USER.
    • The default Password is 0000.

To use the browser interface to customize your terminal:

  1. Select and customize the options as you would after pressing MENU + 1 Setting on your terminal.
    • Click here for the CTS IP Terminal Interactive MENU Button User Guide.
    • Click here for the IP Enhanced Terminal Interactive MENU Button User Guide.
    • This option is not available at IP Value Terminals.

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