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Installing and Using End User Pro
Starting End User Pro

To start End User Pro:

  1. SetupDouble-click the End User Pro icon on your desktop.
    Click Start: All Programs: NEC: End User Pro.
  2. Since this is the first time End User Pro has run, you see the Setup screen.
    • Network Name/IP Address: Leave this option at its current setting since you just entered this data during installation.
    • O&M Port Number: Leave this option at its current setting unless advised otherwise by your communications manager,
    • Extension: Enter you extension number.
    • Password: Enter your extension's user password. Normally, this is 1111.
  3. Click OK. The End User Pro window opens.
    • Use Tools: Setup if you need to change your settings later on.
The End User Pro Window

To use the End User Pro Window:

  1. WindowReview the on-line demos.
  2. Review the menu items.
    • File: Save
          Save your session's programming.
    • File: Restore
          Restore a previous sessions programming.
    • File: Print
          Print your session's programming.
    • File: Exit
          Exit End User Pro.
    • View: 6-Button
          Show the 6-button terminal in the End User Pro window.
    • View 12-Button
          Show the 12-Button terminal in the End User Pro window.
    • View: 24-Button
          Show the 24-Button terminal in the End User Pro window.
    • View: AddOn Module
          Show the add-on module in the End User Pro window.
    • Program: Extension Name
          Enter your extension's name.
    • Program: Language
          Enter your extension's display language.
    • Tools: Setup
          Change your End User Pro setup options.
    • Links: AppMgr
          Links to the UX5000 PC Pro (if installed on your PC).
    • Help: Contents and Index
          Launches the End User Pro on-line help.
    • Help: About
          Displays the End User Pro version number and other information.

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