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Installing and Using End User Pro
Choosing which NEC Application to Install

ApplicationsAfter clicking Install in the previous step:

  1. In the Select applications screen at right, click the box to the left of End User Pro.
    • End User Pro is the only application available with this version of the installer.
  2. Click Next >.
Entering the UX5000 IP Address

ConfigurationWhen you see the Configuration screen at right:

  1. Enter the IP address of your company's UX5000 (e.g.,
    • Ask your communication manager. You must have this information before continuing.
  2. After entering the IP address, click Next >.
  3. In the Confirm screen, click Next > again.
  4. In the License Agreement screen, select the Agree radio button and click Next >.
Finishing the Installation

Setup WizardThe End User Pro Setup Wizard at right will automatically launch.

  1. Click Next > to start the wizard.
  2. In the Select Installation Folder screen, click Next > to accept the standard installation settings.
    • If you have PC experience, optionally customize these settings as desired.
  3. In the Confirm Installation screen, click Next >.
  4. In the Installation Complete screen, click Close.
  5. When the wizard closes and you go back to the NEC Installer Install screen, click Next >, then Finish.

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